Related publications

  • Mayaba, N.N. (2012). Exploring the use of folktales to enhance the resilience of children orphaned and rendered vulnerable by HIV and AIDS. Unpublished dissertation, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.
  • Wood, L., Theron, L.C., & Mayaba, N. (2012). Collaborative partnerships to increase resiliency among aids-orphans: some unforeseen challenges and caveats. Africa Education Review, 9, 504-528.
  •  Wood, L., Theron, L.C., & Mayaba, N. (2012). Read me to resilience! Exploring the use of cultural stories to boost the positive adjustment of children orphaned by AIDS. African Journal of AIDS Research, 11(3), 225-239.

Please watch this space, as a number of publications relating to the Read-me-to-Resilience study are currently in process.

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