ReadmetoResilience (Rm2R) is a bibliotherapeutic intervention, using traditional African stories. Rm2R has been trialed in South Africa. Emerging findings (see resources) suggest that when teachers and caregivers tell vulnerable African children the Rm2R stories, these children are better able to cope with the hardships they face. The Rm2R stories are in the process of being disseminated to teachers and caregivers in booklet form. On this site, you can download 16 of the original 22 Rm2R stories in booklet form, free of charge as well as learn about other possible bibliotherapeutic sources, and how best to use Rm2R.The Rm2R stories were collected by fieldworkers and researchers collaborating in the Rm2R project. These included Dr Macalane Malindi, Dr Sipho Kwatubana and Ms Nokhanyo Mayaba. Rm2R gratefully acknowledges their inputs, as well as the inputs of the community members who told them the stories documented in this booklet.

There are a number of drawings in this booklet. These were made by children who listened to the stories. Not all the stories are illustrated because children could choose to draw or not, and choose which stories they wanted to illustrate. Rm2R gratefully acknowledges the inputs of Ms Nondandiba Ngemntu in collecting these drawings and gaining the children’s permissions to use them, anonymously, in this booklet.

Rm2R acknowledges the funding generously provided by SANPAD in support of the project. Without SANPAD’s support it would not have been possible to disseminate the stories in booklet-form.

The booklet containing the Rm2R stories is not for sale. It is the desire of the Rm2R team (Linda Theron, NWU; Kate Cockroft, WITS; Lesley Wood, NWU; Macalane Malindi, UJ; Sipho Kwatubana, NWU; Nokhanyo Mayaba, NMMU; Carmen Joubert, NWU; Nondandiba Ngemntu, Teya Mabaso, Diana van Dijk, and Marijke Steegstra) that children and communities have free access to the stories in the hope that the stories will teach children lessons that support them towards greater resilience.

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